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Mango and Mint smoothie with the amazing Bee Pollen

15 Feb

It might not be a revelation to some of you, but Bee pollen is an amazing ingredient!! This smoothie I came up with will sustain you till Lunch, read the science in the link above and below…

I am using it for my Mango and mint smoothie.

Preparation time: 3 mins
Total time: 3 mins
Serves: 2
Cost per person $2.02
Prices are based on coles and Biovea
Mango can be bought for cheaper, ask your grocer if he does frozen mango pulp. this also great for cakes, yoghurt and chutneys.


  • 200g frozen mangos
  • small hand full of mint
  • 4 teaspoons of bee pollen
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 200ml soy milk
  • directions:

    The only reason why I have given 3mins as prep time is you have to chop up your fruit and pick your mint. Just blend until the mixture reaches your required consistency and get it in you.
    Read this article it will help persuade you

    Add Bee Pollen as a garnish

    Add Bee Pollen as a garnish


    Chocolate Chia cake

    5 Feb

    Food is subjective, everyone owns their special portion of the pie. The challenge is to make a menu that consists of healthy yet tasty things. A bigger challenge is to persuade people this is actually possible.

    With the help of Christopher my gifted young Sous Chef who has a good repertoire of cakes we served up this little beauty

     I have fallen out of love with butter for cakes as it can make a sponge dry. Use the coconut oil for this recipe. Also make sure you get plenty of air into your eggs by whisking them a lot. Image

    Contact me with any question, more to come I assure you…


    My menu 3/2

    2 Feb

    With the health food supplies turning up I will give you the recipe and post pics of the chia chocolate cake. The breakfast although nutritionally sound will challenge fans of a traditional breakfast. I might add eggs, I will take pictures and post on my Instagram

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