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28 Jan

simple Aquaponics

for Aquaponics you just need two containers. In this photo they have used old wine barrels. The man who made these also has used canoes, as Aquaponics can fit in with the aesthetics of your interior. Aquaponics simply are fish whose poop feeds the plants (plants have to be edible) Then the plants clean the water. As with a fish tank you will need a water pump and heater which can be powered by a solar panel. These Aquaponics growing watercress are $595 not including installation. Perfect for a urban kitchen garden and self maintaining. I am going to The Bohemian in Melbourne who Harvest their Fish, herbs and salad leaves from Aquaponics. I will post what I think with some pics.


Ideas for cured meats

27 Jan
Coppa, sopressa, paradise pears, mustard fruits and red vein sorrel

Coppa, sopressa, paradise pears, mustard fruits and red vein sorrel

Coppa and Sopressa are great Italian cured meat
Hot, sweet and with a surprising depth of flavour, Mustard fruits can be used in sauces, cheese plates and especially with cured meats
Paradise pears are a new favourite of mine, little one bite wonders.
Red vein sorrel is lemony and its sharpness gives any cheese or cured meat a nice kick

My menu 28/1/14

25 Jan

Dehydrated and activated nut fruit Muesli

Portuguese baked eggs with rye toast

Banana bread & seasonal fruit salad

Tuesday Lunch:
Chunky angus pie and a green salad or vego pie
Guilt free, grain free Chia and chocolate cake

Wednesday Lunch:
Market fish steam roasted with lemon and oregano and served with a Greek salad
Chewy low fat banana nut oatmeal cookies

Thursday Lunch:
Chipotle and peanut chicken wings with celery wedges and coriander yoghurt
Healthy Carrot Cake

Friday Lunch:
teriyaki salmon with mushrooms and brown rice
English cheeses and Australian beers

rancheros eggs

rancheros eggs