I found walnuts

15 Sep


Hello all, I was wandering through the the oak trees at the back of my parents property when I made a discovery a tree that was fruiting. I did not recognise the fruit so I consulted the Internet and split one of the green egg shaped fruit, I had found a walnut tree.

Reading up on walnuts I discovered they are the squirrels favourite food. I know we have at least one red squirrel who roams the garden because he likes to drop pine kernels on your head when you sit under the pine tree. Sure enough when I ventured back to the tree a squirrel darted off, I will try to get a picture of said squirrel but it will be difficult he is very quick and my iPhone can’t keep pace.

The outcome of squirrels love of walnuts is that you just have to satisfy yourself with what they leave behind. I will be able to harvest the walnuts in late September by shaking them off the tree. Then you pick off the outer green shell and leave the walnuts for a couple of weeks to dry in cool place, then the walnuts are ready to eat. The walnuts will keep for at least 3-6 months so ready for Christmas.


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