Caramel peaches and pistachio ice cream

11 Sep


This is one of my favourite desserts and very simple.
2 ripe peaches
300g caster sugar
A handful of blanched pistachios
50g butter
A slug of cream
Pistachio ice-cream

First you have to skin the peaches, cut them lengthways and remove the stone. Then place the peach halfs in boiling water, this is just to remove the skin so take the peaces out after only 1 minute.(you can do the same with the pistachios if they are in their skins) Then you can just slip the skin off between your thumb and forefinger put the peaches in a oven dish and set to one side.

Then you have to make a caramel, place the sugar in a non stick frying pan just cover the surface area of the pan you might not need all 300g of sugar. The trick to caramel is to agitate it not stir it, that means shake the pan subtly. The sugar will start to turn to caramel in one area of the pan, then start to agitate slowly. Watch out caramel burns very quickly, so when it has gone a tan colour take off the heat adding the cream and cubed butter then stir. Pour the caramel over the peaches then place in the oven at 180 degrees for twenty mins basting occasionally during cooking. During cooking the peaches will bleed their lovely juice into the caramel.

To serve place the peaches on a plate with some of the caramel, sprinkle the crushed pistachio nuts over them liberally and scoop some ice cream on the top. This is a very easy dessert that is very tasty, enjoy :o)


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